The Golden Pathway Of A Dragon’s Fire

Mud was everywhere, in my throat and my ears. I couldn’t stop the feeling. Paw Print, my cat, was on my lap as I saw woman. “Hi,” she said, “my name is Katy. What is yours?” “Mine is Ruby.” “Come, we need to go to shelter and get dry before the next shower comes.” They walked through bushes and trees that were down from the wind. Suddenly they heard a rustle. Katy told Ruby to stand still and to really listen. When Katy wasn’t looking she rushed into the bushes and found a tiny dragon. It was so cute that she wanted to keep him. She called him Firework. He had different colours. Suddenly Katy came and asked: “Do you have a family?” “Of course,” she said. “I have a little brother called Rowen. He makes fabulous made-up stories. And I have a mother called Heartfeel and a dad called Alex.” But they were all separated and it was hard enough for them. Suddenly Kate saw the dragon. She gasped and said: “What a cute dragon!” She grabbed a book and searched what kind of a dragon it would be. Then she found it! It was a Silver phantom. These dragons were so beautiful and fierce. Suddenly a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus came. Kate looked up his strength, size, speed, attack and disobedience on the scales in the book:
Fear factor: 10

Attack: 10

Speed: 10

Size: 10


You have protected it OK but the Silver Phantom was ready to fight. The Seadragonus was pushing it to the ground. It was too violent for Katy to look at. There were arrows and bombs and fire shooting out. Katy dug and so did Ruby. With fireworks in their hands they heard a big roar. They looked up into the sky and saw a big firework. The Silver phantom was attracted to the firework and flew up on top of it and danced. It made Ruby smile. But she knew that the fight wasn’t over yet. They could still have bigger enemies than ever before, with dragons.

Night was going to fall but that didn’t mean night for them. They stared at the sparkling moon and the stars. They kept a look out. Suddenly a big roar came. It was the same roar that they had heard when the fireworks came. Just much closer. It was an angry red beetroot. “They look so cute.” Said Katy. “I know! But…”said Ruby. She got a book out, opened it and found out:
Fear factor: 0

Attack: 0

Cuteness: 10

Disobedience: 0

Strength: 10 x 10 = 100

His strengths is more than 100, it is unknown.

“That is good” said Katy. They had now

  1. A cute kitten called Paw Print
  2. A silver phantom called Fireworks
  3. An angry beet root head called Squash


They slowly drank the water and had a rest. They slept there because Katy was on watch out. Well, almost… They woke up in the morning and found a shop that sold free things and




let me tell you Ruby looked amazing.


The next day they got an old bottle and drank water. Unfortunately the river was owned by a toothless daydreamer.

But Squash slapped smacked the drowned them found an old blender and blended them. How did you do that? That’s why my name is Squash.


Page 7 Drawing of a girl: She looked like this


They found some sticks and food and old furniture. She didn’t have much of a choice but she knew soon firework would leave. A ¾ year had passed and Firework said its time for me to go. She knew where he should belong – free! But it didn’t feel right. They walked to the golden pathway of a dragon’s fire and said goodbye.

Suddenly she saw a woman and a man. They held up key locks that had a picture inside. They said>”Excuse me, we have lost a girl called Ruby.” Ruby said:” I know where she is.” “Where?” they asked. “She is talking to you right now.”  They all hugged each other and went home. Ruby has taught a lot of people what happened and they loved her. She had a silver squeaker in her garden. She took the scales to make blankets. And food so they could like.

by Scarlet ?

The End

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