Dragonella Part 1

One day Dragonella was cleaning out the attic. She was cleaning out the old place that her mom was using as a dining room. Dragonella missed her mum. She had lost her family because her mother and her dad had died in a war. Her brother was sent off to England because of the crimes that he had committed when his parents had died. He had stolen food from other people to have something to feed Dragonella.  Now Dragonella was all alone. She was often scared in the dark little cottage. Her bed was made out of leaves that were dried out. She often thought off her brother and suspected that he would not even have a bed but that he had to sleep in the prison on the floor. Dragonella had no phone or computer or any other kind of technology to keep in touch with her brother. So very often she would go to bed wondering what her brother was doing. Then she would hear the wolves howling and became even more frightened. After all, she was just a little Dragon. When she woke up in the morning she did not feel much better. When her family was still around she was always excited when she woke up. Now she was not excited anymore. When she was little she had enjoyed spending time with her family. She wished her family would still be with her but she knew that this wish would never come true. So she made some breakfast for herself and felt very lonely. Then she did her chores that she normally would do. She never had a rest, because this home had belonged to her mother and she had promised her to keep it clean. When she was little she also enjoyed playing with her pet turtle. She still had the turtle but did not play with him anymore. So here she was, in her old, cracked home. Usually when she slept she heard spooky sounds. When she was little her mother had told her stories about Audrey of the outback and Little Red Dragonhood.

To be continued….

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