Charlie got her dress from What – Ever – Land and put it on. Her dragon Blue Wing stretched out his wings and took off with Charlie on him. They landed at dragon school. Today was book week and one of her classmates, Scarlet, shared a story. It was about a dress from What – Ever – Land. Charlie was friends with Scarlet. Scarlet had the very same dress, but not the same dragon. Charlie’s dragon was a darker blue than Scarlet’s.

The best book was chosen, the book that Scarlet wrote, What-Ever-Land’s Adventures.

Charlie and Scarlet also had enemies but the principle put them into DETENTION.

Scarlet went back home. She had lovely days.

Scarlet also did art. It was nice to be honest: she and Charlie did not like art because… psssst… the teacher is so picky…

Soon another dress came from … well, let’s say, it came from Whatever-Makes-the-dresses-Land!


The End

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